Public Works

Rock Creek Grade

Olex, Oregon

This project was a 4-mile re-alignment of Highway 19, thru Olex, Oregon. Construction was accomplished in three segments. Scope of work for the project included the demolition of an existing grain elevator and bridge spanning Rock Creek; mass excavation and fill slope construction totaling more than 175,000 cubic yards; construction of a new two lane bridge over Rock Creek; asphalt paving of the new alignment, drainage structures and incidental work items associated with this type of project.

Concerns for the owner were the environmental issues with the demo and construction of the existing bridge and the flow of traffic thru the three segments, 4 mile job site. Communication and coordination of the entire construction team were the key components of our successful completion of this project with no negative impact on the creek or the flow of traffic.

  • 4 Miles of Highway Re-alignment
  • 175,000 Cubic Yards of Excavation
  • New Bridge Construction
  • Drainage Structures Added